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Literary Porn hits the mind, this hits the eyes

Girls like Porn Too! Fuck yeah, we do! 

This is the kind of Asian Big Round Tits Porn with Cum Swallow that I like to watch when, like today, I'm totally horny out of my tits. I know, I'm not supposed to like this kind of thing. Well, fuck it. I do and when I'm famous a bunch of little teenyboppers will come to see it my way.

Also, when you want to put yourself in your bed and read some steamy finger your pussy and jerk your cock material, go to the site run by the King of Blog Erotica Moctezuma Johnson.

By the way, yes the rumours are true. I've been the receiver of a bukkake for money. Moreover, MJ does own my ass. Now you know.


Time for the Sequel to Triagulum Stain: the Attack of the Sentient Alien Dildos | Science Fiction Erotica | Literary Porn

Discover Moctezuma Johnson's science fiction book Triangulum Stain. It's still erotica, of course. It's still got rough hole-pounding cocks and dildos at work, but this one has a pretty elaborate plot with many sub-themes and sub-stories. Those of you who read my work know that I am a big proponent of the literary porn genre and Moctezuma is my male counterpart or equal. If you like my writing, you will most likely like his.

Review of the book from Emme Hor: (from Goodreads)

This Cover was Declined
for being to Tawdry
WIBs, Sexually Obsessed Doctors, Sentient Pulsating Dildos, and Local Sex Fiends make up the fun ensemble cast by the King of Erotica. This crazy Sci-Fi porno-literary tale made me laugh out loud while reading and also made me stop to pleasure myself. Sexy and fun, you have to give this book a try! 

I think it's time for MJ, the owner of my sexy ass, to write the sequel to this thing. 

Read this Instant Classic | Read Read
The Original Banned Cover
of the Sci-Fi Erotica
Literary Porn
Instant Pulp Classic

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Emme Hor is notoriously considered a whore. Mail her at

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Please help me chose a new cover to "I Am Not a Whore, Am I?"

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Which cover do you like the most? Please help me out by writing the number of the best cover in the comments section below. I really cannot decide which one I like. Usually I know immediately and this time I don't. If you hate them all, tell me. I made the covers with some artwork that I had: hot girls & hot tits. If you have another idea/concept please tell me. Also, Emme told me that anybody who votes on the cover will get a free book if you provide your email address. 










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